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One-for-One Gratitude Sessions

Quarantine! Gosh..I never thought i would say "I miss going to work" but I do. I miss my job, my passion, I miss YOU! With everything going on right now in this crazy world and COVID-19 we we all need a little bit of extra love.

I decided to close the studio doors after Easter Minis on March 15th, mainly because I didn't have sessions but mostly because things were slowly starting to escalate. You all are my #1 priority besides my own family, and I treat your children as if they were my own. You all bring me your babies, children and yourselves and I could not, and will not, put anyone in danger or harms way. No matter how much disinfecting and Lysol you use I want to keep everyone including myself and family safe.

So unfortunately, that means I had to reschedule a handful of sessions, what started as a few turned into the whole entire month of April. And now we're here!

There has been national talk about photographers doing "Front Porch Sessions" and I mean it's a great intention, but I think for all the wrong reasons. We have a job, our job is to: Stay Home. Stay Safe! That is what we should be doing, as my business not being considered "essential" I can do my part by staying home. During this time I have been taking the time to catch up on editing. I actually have NO sessions left to finish I am completely caught up and working on taking photos of my daughter and family. I have invested in an online newborn workshop to really strengthen my education with newborn safety and posing (always room to learn). I am taking to revamp the website and do something I have been wanting to do for a while; Blog! So excited. Not sure if you all saw my toilet paper "newborn" photos but one was published in a magazine, which brings me to next piece of exciting news. I joined a national movement which started from another photographer in Canada, the One-for-One Gratitude Movement. What started as a small idea, has taken off like wild fire. Her goal is to get tons involved and gift 1,000 photography sessions. This idea is a way of giving back. For every session booked you will gift a session to an essential worker and their family. This is not limited to just health care, this is whoever is still working their normal job like a regular day. Great way to give back, today I was able to put together and make a commercial to be aired on the radio as well!

If your interested and would like to book, email or message on Facebook directly!

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